WootzApp - the browser for the crypto web.

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WootzApp - Winner of the Solana Colosseum Renaissance Global Hackathon.

A New Mobile Browser to Earn Passive Income using GenAI - Human Data Contributor Network for Depin Partners. Winner of the Solana Colosseum Renaissance Global Hackathon


About 200 Billion USD of the Trillion dollar Generative AI opportunity is around Training data + Infrastructure.

But the GenAI war is really a war for data. And the players are unscrupulous & unethical when it comes to data.

The EU Open Digital Markets regulation has FORCED apple App Store to allow alternative browsers for the first time in 30 years..

There are already startups that are successfully building GenAI data marketplaces. Each of the marketplaces work through browser plugins and extensions that conflict with each other. Users have no way to use multiple marketplaces at once. That is a limitation of the browser.

we believe that a web browser with data/depin primitives is the best way for users to use and contribute to the AI economy. Because a web browser is anyway your highest used app in a day..especially on the mobile.

Why Wootz

Wootz steel originated in South India - in present day Kodumanal, Tamil Nadu. It later spread around the world as “Damascus Steel”, before the pre-independence colonial rulers of India banned making wootz steel.

Wootz is the strongest, sharpest and best steel in the world. Definitely better than Chrome ;)